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Wig Exchange SF Bay Area

The gift of hair from women who have been there. 

For many women, hair loss is the most troublesome side effect of chemotherapy.  A nice wig can ease that concern, but well-made wigs are expensive and may not be covered by insurance.  Meanwhile, women who have finished their cancer treatments are often unsure as to what to do with their barely used wigs.  That is why The Wig Exchange was created. In the Fall of 2014 The Wig Exchange San Francisco Bay Area launched and has served hundreds of women all over the Bay Area.  We are located in Oakland, California and take clients at our office by appointment. ​ Our primary mission is to provide women undergoing chemotherapy with access to high quality wigs, many donated by cancer survivors.  Of equal importance is the caring and confidential environment we offer newly diagnosed women, where they can connect with one of our experienced coordinators, each a cancer survivor, who provides valuable information, personal insight and can refer women to a variety of local organizations for additional support. 

Different wig styles


If you or someone you know will be undergoing chemotherapy and experiencing hair loss, we may be able to help by providing a wig to wear throughout treatment. While we have some brand new wigs in our inventory, we are especially proud to offer high quality wigs donated by survivors who want to pay it forward. All gently used wigs are professionally cleaned and reconditioned, so they are completely hygienic and look new!  Please contact us to make an appointment and we will do our best to find a wig that is the right length, color, style and fit for you.  Click below for more instructions or visit the Wig Salon tab above.

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“Just a note to personally thank you for the wonderful service The Wig Exchange provides. The story is one you have heard many times I’m certain. But this cancer patient is my mother. She received a quote for a new wig from a local wig salon and was devastated. She cannot work due to the progression of the disease and has to use her limited resources to pay for 24 hour help. My mother is still well enough to feel pride, and also some shame given her disfiguring surgery and now hair loss. Thank you for this wonderful service that offers humanity and compassion during an otherwise horrible time. Thank you for the work you have done and the many miles you have walked to make this happen!”
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